Facebook group ‘The Optimism Club’: join the group for posts, news of events and discussion. Please jump in and participate!

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4 Responses to “Contact”


    Dear Kathy,

    I did not know about the fb group!!!! Needless to say I just joined and invited 469 anti-DP contacts!


    • k4thybrown Says:

      Ha! Thanks Gilles – it hasn’t received as much attention as it should have. But now I have connected with more abolitionists it should grow even more. Keen to offer both the FB group page and this website as a hub for info.

  2. Simon Shepherd Says:

    Hi Kathy,
    Your site is looking great. One thing, any chance of taking a feed from @deathpenaction on Twitter re action alerts? By the way, we have more than 1000 “fans” on Fb and almost 500 followers on Twitter – which I am reasonably pleased with. How are plans for 30 April coming along? Have Amnesty et al got back to you or are they being generally hopeless ‘cos it’s not “their” event?

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