Blog friends

Links to weblogs speaking out against the death penalty

Kathy Brown
Thoughts of a British death row correspondent, death penalty abolitionist and aspiring mature runner

Terry Lenamon’s Death Penalty Blog
Terry Lenamon of Swartz and Lenamon, Fl. USA
Terence M. Lenamon is a Board Certified, AV-rated Miami criminal defense trial lawyer based out of Miami, Florida.  Mr. Lenamon has exclusively defended criminal cases since 1992, and he has built a reputation for success in defending the most serious of criminal matters, including specifically those involving the death penalty.

PrisonMovement’s Weblog
I share news about our nations criminal justice system- a system I believe to be flawed, broken and corrupt. Many have a distorted view of prison and our criminal justice system, unless you have been involved, either first hand or by proxy. It is my goal and sincere desire to reach a large audience with the hope that I can ‘enlighten the masses’ . We have a national incarceration crisis…Lock’em up & throw away the key…at what expense?

Gamso – For the Defense
Commentary by an Ohio Criminal Defense lawyer

Gilles Denizot’s Blog
Gilles Denizot is a Singer, Teacher, Director and Activist currently living in Hamburg, Germany. These are his Human Rights/Death Penalty blog posts

The Innocence Blog
Award-winning blog of The Innocence Project, updated daily. : Criminal Justice blog – Death Penalty posts raises awareness about important causes and empowers people to take action with leading non-profits. Death penalty blog is largely the work of Matt J. Kelley, who also works with The Innocence Project.

Death Row Journals
A collection of thoughts, opinions and essays by Mike Lambrix, on Florida’s death row for over 25 years.

The Stand Down Texas Project
Identifying and Advocating Best Practices in the Criminal Justice System. A Texas-Centric Examination of Current Conditions, Reform Initiatives, and Emerging Issues.

The Duck Shoot
Dave Knight’s blog on subjects including poverty, human rights and justice.

Texas Moratorium Network
The blog for Texas Moratorium Network – a grassroots, non-profit organization with the primary goal of mobilizing statewide support for a moratorium on executions in Texas

a grassroots, non-profit organization with the primary goal of mobilizing statewide support for a moratorium on executions in Texas

Kids Against the Death Penalty
KADP is a group of kids who decided to speak their minds about the injustice of the Death Penalty! Yes we are kids, but we know that Murder of ANY kind is wrong, and that includes state-sanctioned-murder!

PHADP: The Blog
A frequently updated blog, authored by Board members on Death Row and their friends. Official blog pages for Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty, an Alabama death row prisoner-founded and -run organization.

A blog about restorative justice, rather than against the death penalty. VORP’s mission:
We specifically exist to encourage and assist the church in her mission of providing an invitation to, and an opportunity for, peacemaking (healing, restoration, forgiveness and reconciliation) in the conflict between victims and offenders of juvenile crime.

3 Responses to “Blog friends”

  1. ODella Wilson Says:

    This site is invaluable towards our efforts to abolish the death penalty. Our voices joined, will rise to a level of which cannot be ignored. Capital Punishment is not only barbaric, it is flawed by nature: Decisions requiring infallibility made by those whom are fallible.

    Having had two siblings murdered, never once did I entertain a thought towards capital punishment – I would be outraged at any attempt towards that end result! Even barring all other reasons, you must consider the innocents that share these death sentences – perpetrators’ children, family, friends – all suffer the fate.

  2. Tim Woods Says:

    I applaud this blog. I think the passion is obvious, and the seriousness of the subject makes it incredibly worthy of peoples time.

    The taking of another persons life unwillingly, is never acceptable, under any circumstances. To kill, because they kill, eats away at the humanity we must be striving for to make the world better; and while a society supports the death penalty, it remains at arms length from achieving that humanity.

    • k4thybrown Says:

      Thank you for your comment Tim, the intention is clear – more voices, more perspectives, more realisation of the inappropriateness of capital punishment as a solution to anything. See the predictions blog earlier this year? We all have to speak out and take action – but it’s my belief we’ll see the death penalty take a massive hammering in the next ten years (USA, esp). Then we activists can turn our attentions to the other big cuplrits: China, Iran…, to human rights tragedies the world over and also to vital changes required across the breadth of the criminal justice system in our own countries and states.

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