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Jonathan Flinner

Jonathan Flinner

Jonathan Flinner

Hi I’m Jonathan Flinner, son of an innocent man condemned to die on California’s Death Row. I am a simple man, find the best things in life, I love life and I always look toward the future. Please stand with me and help get my father off of death row. Thank you all.

Contact Jonathan at @DeathRowInmates (Twitter)

O'Della Wilson

O'Della Wilson

O’Della Wilson

AKA Alhavakia, TheGoSeeGirl. Born in Pennsylvania, and a resident of Mobile, AL since the mid 1970’s, I am a Mother, Activist, Author, Jane-of-all-trades. I have been writing most of my life, but it wasn’t until the year 2000 that I got “active” with my writings. I became active against the death penalty in the early 90’s, as a result of the Federal Death Penalty expansions of 1988’s “Drug Kingpin Statute” and then, the 1994 “Crime Bill Expansion” which I felt would result in targeting the underprivileged and minorities. Little did I know at that time, I would find my own child sitting on Alabama’s Death Row in the year 2001, convicted under Alabama’s ‘complicity’ law. Suspecting, for years, there were many innocent persons sitting on death row, I learned firsthand how some of these wrongful convictions were occurring. And, I can personally state it is a nightmare for everyone involved — not just the murder victim or accused, but the many ‘invisible’ victims who share that sentence of death.

Contact O’Della at @odellawilson (Twitter) or via her blogsite

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